The goodness of Mandarin Teas!

People often asked me what is my favourite tea? Usually it is a hard question to answer because I like to drink tea based on the mood, body condition and the weather. Mandarin teas are definitely the top three teas that I love to drink all the time especially during the bushfire weather condition in Sydney. The mandarin essential oil from the peel really cleared up my airway and soothed my throat. It’s the top grade mandarin peel that can be used as herbal medicine to relief inflammatory and coughs. 100% recommended especially for such smoky air conditions sideeffects.com !

Tea bar address: 17/1-21 Darlinghurst road, Potts Point NSW 2011 ( 2 mins walk from Kings Cross Station)
Opening Hours: Tuesday- Sunday from 10am
Contact Us: hello@mscattea.com.au